The Business Centre Goes Live

April 20, 2009 8:46 am, Published by

The Business Centre is a Wellington-based provider of services that offers;

  • Direct business¬†advice and support
  • Access to Business Coaches and a wide range of Industry Experts
  • Financial and Accountancy services that are affordable yet provide the relationship and support small businesses need to succeed
  • Channels to help small businesses advertise and promote offers to one another

They do this by offering a large range of courses and a busy schedule – making them a perfect organisation to be helped by using LearningSource’s platform. We’ve been talking to James Fensom (director of The Business Centre) since we first started thinking about building a solution for training providers. His help has proved invaluable at giving us an insight into what makes the life of training providers difficult, and where we can help with that.

Given the history, we’re happy to see The Business Centre roll out their own LearningSource solution and especially so given the fact that, in these tough economic times, we can make their job easier and directly help with the great work they do to help small businesses.