It’s All About Value

June 30, 2009 4:47 am, Published by

I’ve just spent a week in the USA at the Enterprise 2.0 conference. Without wanting to get evangelical about this, and with apologies to those who already know this, Enterprise 2.0 is all about finding new ways to work with business – ways that increase collaboration, enable sharing and, above all, strive to drive efficiencies within an organisation. Enterprise 2.0 is, in a nutshell, held up to be one of the legs upon which saving business in these troubled times stands.

At the conference there were a vast selection of sessions and a large number of software companies exhibiting. These companies covered a range of services but I was somewhat dismayed to find that many of them didn’t have an obvious value proposition – an easily understood one line statement that tells prospective customers exactly what benefit they’d derive from the product.

I’m pleased with my involvement with LearningSource specifically because it doesn’t suffer this problem – in discussions with the team at LearningSource the mantra is always about making a difference for the customer – in business speak “driving efficiencies and adding value” to what they do.

For those people outside of the software space this seems a "no brainer” – what sort of business would try and sell a product where the value wasn’t obvious? Sadly it’s much more common than many people would think.

Anyway – those are some thoughts from me. Value is a common feature of posts here and we’ll write more about this in future posts. We’re proud of what we can do for training organisations and invite you to take LearningSource for a spin to see what it’ll do for you.