LearningSource – Helping to Power Xero

July 21, 2009 8:30 am, Published by

One of the things you’ll here software as a service (SaaS) companies talk about is “the ecosystem” – for those outside of software circles, the ecosystem is all about companies setting up software businesses that leverage another software product. Symbiosis is the key word here…

Our latest customer is a great example of this, all the more so because LearningSource is powering the ecosystem. Xero is an awesome Kiwi company that is building the world’s easiest online accounting application. Part of their strategy is to enable third parties, such as Bookkeeping and Beyond, Xuru, and Aspire Solutions to run training services for Xero customers.  In doing so, they are building an ecosystem (that word again) of separate but symbiotic businesses.

This is a doubly smart strategy because it both eases the on-ramp for Xero customers, and also enables the training partner themselves to derive revenue from the services delivered.

Xero training partners are able to promote their courses through the Training & Events section on Xero’s website.  A visitor is able to view all courses available, the details of each, and then if they decide to register for a course, they are passed directly through to the partner’s own website.


As with our other customers, Xero was attracted to LearningSource in part because of it’s ability to provide a seamless and totally customised solution that complies with their other branding, formatting etc – as you’ll see below, the Xero Training & Events portal is completely integrated within Xero’s website – users don’t even release that when they are viewing this section of Xero’s website, they are in fact viewing LearningSource. You can read more about LearningSource’s  website integration feature on our own website.


View Xero’s Training & Event portal.

This ecosystem attribute is really exciting, both because it shows just how much value there is from a business perspective in the network but also because it opens up an entire host of possibilities around building learning networks where different training platforms are able to talk to each other… but that’s a concept for another post. For now we’ll sign off with a big welcome and thank you to the Xero training team.

Any Browser, Anywhere

July 8, 2009 3:43 am, Published by

One of the core tenets of Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery method is that SaaS applications should be able to be used regardless of what operating system or browser is being used. The browser is the application within you view webpages – while this might sound obvious enough, have a look at this video recently shot in New York city which shows just how many people are confused about what a browser is;

Anyway – making an application, especially one so feature-rich as ours, to work in all browsers is way more complicated than it sounds. There’s a huge number of browsers out there – different versions from the same company, different sorts from different companies – you get the drift. While saying that a website “should just work” in any browser is easy, actually getting there isn’t.

We’ll be the first to confess that we’ve been a little bit late getting cross-browser support into LearningSource – there’s just so much to do that it dropped a little down the list. However we’re please to announce that this weeks roll out will support the following browsers (with a “watch-out for those not excited by the technical side of things);

  • Firefox v3
  • Safari v4
  • Internet Explorer v7
  • Internet Explorer v8
  • Google Chrome

Of course LearningSource is also operating system agnostic – working equally well on Apple machines, PCs or even Linux machines.

Happy (cross platform, cross browser) days – thanks for reading!