Product Development – Come Help Us Out

September 29, 2009 8:04 am, Published by

With Software as a Service, software updates happen much more frequently than with traditional software. This means that product improvements, driven from user requests, occur quickly.

For some time we’ve had an informal feedback channel, with users calling us or sending us emails to make suggestions and flag problems they’re having – we wanted to do this more visibly however and to allow you, the actual LearningSource users, to determine the direction we take in product development.

To this end we’ve created a site where people can make product development suggestions, vote on the suggestions of others and generally see what we’re up to when it comes to product development.


So please feel free to visit the site, and contribute to making LearningSource an even better product going forwards.


Presenting, LearningSource Presentations!

September 11, 2009 7:02 am, Published by

We are gearing up to rollout a range of face-to-face and live online presentations for customers and partners. To promote and coordinate the activity, we have just launched a new area of our website – LearningSource Presentations


We are using LearningSource to manage this new area of our website and taking advantage of our recently launched Live Online course feature to deliver the online presentations.

The presentations are proving to be a great success.  We have found that what we achieve in one online session would normally take days to organise and, when delivered face to face would incur extensive travel and accommodation costs.  As an example, we recently ran a session in which we had participants from Blenheim, Tauranga, and Auckland. The travel and time taken to deliver the same presentation in person would have been extensive.

We are keen to show off our new online presentation functionality, so sign up for one of our free upcoming sessions;

Live, Online, and Interactive

September 8, 2009 7:32 am, Published by

We have just launched support for live online course delivery. By integrating with the leading web conferencing services providers, including Cisco Webex, Microsoft Live Meeting, Adobe Acrobat Connect, and Citrix GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar LearningSource now supports the delivery of live and interactive courses and presentations.

This delivery method offers exciting potential.  The results of a training programme delivered to teachers throughout New Zealand illustrate just how successful this form of training can be;

Telecom secured a contract to deliver their ICT solution for schools, SchoolZone, to schools throughout New Zealand as part of a Ministry of Education funded initiative.  SchoolZone offers a range of features including a school intranet, website filtering service, and an email system to staff and student. Telecom recognised that in order for schools to fully utilise all the features offered they needed to deliver comprehensive training to the teachers. Given the geographic spread of schools, it was simply not possible to deliver face-to-face training. Instead existing classroom based courses were converted into to a series of 90 minute live online sessions and … well, the results speak for themselves.



Read more about our new Live Online course delivery feature.

Rolled out in Record Time

September 2, 2009 10:17 am, Published by

It’s always nice to tell stories that show of the speed and responsiveness that software as a service brings. It’s doubly nice when the story highlights our own responsiveness as an organisation. A few weeks ago, Emma Mortimer from Business Training Marlborough gave us a call.


BTM is a new training organisation that offers training in costing & pricing, writing a marketing plan, essential sales skills and small business survival tactics, among other things. They’d looked at 20 software products in a search for something that would let them run their training management – they’re a small organisation so they wanted something economically priced, quick to implement and simple to use.

BTM didn’t have their own website and so they were looking at a complete design and build solution that was looking to cost them in excess of $15,000, take months to implement and require completely manual processing of course enrolment and the like.

Luckily for them however, another training provider pointed them in our direction. Little more than a couple of weeks later, LearningSource was able to provide BTM a solution that, within a budget less than a fifth of what they were initially looking at, gave them a full website plus automated registration – thus saving them both in development cost, but more importantly giving them efficiency gains going forwards. This was achieved by using one of the standard LearningSource website templates – allowing for a sub three week time frame from initial contact to go-live.

Emma explained to us that some of the simple things are the most beneficial for them; In the past they would write custom word documents for course enrolment confirmation. These would then be exported as a pdf and emailed to the attendee. Now with LearningSource the entire process is automated.

Emma also told of an experience she had the other night. She was at home and noticed that a course place became available due to a cancellation. Having access via the internet she was able to assess that there was someone on a waiting list for the course, confirm their place and send them enrolment confirmation – all in only a few minutes and with a few mouse clicks.