People aren’t quite there yet – but that’s no barrier…

October 30, 2009 8:21 am, Published by

We’re all about making it easy to use our product – it’s the fundamental ethos behind LearningSource – here’s an example of what we mean.

When we started out, we built our system on the principle that everyone has their own email address. You’d think so wouldn’t you? I mean it’s 2009. Well unfortunately despite all the free email services outs there, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and the like, it seems the end users of LearningSource are not quite there.

We have an ulterior motive for wishing this – having a unique email address means you can easily ensure duplicate contact accounts are not inadvertently created.


Ok, so we’ll admit that we got it wrong. It seems some people are still sharing email addresses between multiple individuals. We have therefore enhanced our authentication system to cater for this situation and allow more than one person to share the same email address. Where a user shares an email address with someone else they can choose a unique ‘Username’ as their logon instead of just using their email address.

We have still managed to keep the registration process simple and seamless, meaning users don’t need to setup accounts before they can register themselves or someone else on a course. Creating accounts just happens automatically. We have also retained the smart process where LearningSource automatically checks for duplicates before creating a new contact in your database.

Without labouring the point, it’s another example of the benefit of internet application – changes like this are automatically rolled out to all customers without them having to go through the time and hassle of installing software updates.