LearningSource hits Wellington to the World

November 26, 2009 7:51 am, Published by

Wellington to the World is an event run by the ICT professional group Unlimited Potential. It showcases a handful of Wellington’s hottest ICT startups every years in a quick-pitch 10 minutes presentation style. The presentations happen live but are also livecast globally – providing an opportunity for a select group of companies to shine.

We were really pleased to have been invited to the 2010 Wellington to the World event along with three other outstanding product companies – Wellington to the World has historically been a launching pad to real success for companies – we’re hoping that this year is no different.

LearningSource CEO and founder John Mitchell gave an entertaining and informative presentation, check it out below.

Real Time Payments – No Administration

November 5, 2009 8:52 am, Published by

This week sees an exciting new feature release for LearningSource – Fully integrated, real time credit card payments.  We have invested significant time and effort creating not only the ability for your clients to pay by credit card within the website registration process, but one where the process is 100% automated.

The Automated Credit Card Payment Process is really simple, and keeps the logical flow you’d expect to see with a process like this. The steps occur in real time and are as follows:

  • Course order created and automatically approved
  • Order approval automatically sent
  • A tax invoice & receipt are sent to the attendee
  • Course instructions are sent


This is a big release for us, it’s one of the major functions that see us round out the required feature set for training providers – beyond course scheduling and information, they can now accept and process payments online – resulting in a much lighter touch for them – increasing efficiency and allowing training establishments to focus on their core business.

Gidday Aussie – We’re Pleased to be Here

November 3, 2009 6:46 am, Published by

Since we started LearningSource, our aim has always been to build an international business. Partly because the cost of developing a robust software platform demands a broader market than just new Zealand but mainly because we genuinely believe our products fills a void that organisations across the globe are asking for.


As part of our global roll out, we’re excited to introduce our business development manager for Australia, Ruth McDavitt. Ruth has vast experience with business development having spent many years working for a number of economic development agencies. More importantly for LearnignSource, she’s had a deep involvement with training delivery and so has an awareness of the needs of training providers.

Ruth will initially be focusing on Sydney, and specifically looking at the needs of private training organisations as well as Government agencies. In the initial stages she’ll be making contact with training providers and inviting them to participate in one of our regular webinars or to go ahead and sign-up to our free trial. In the near future Ruth will be visiting with training providers in Australia to get a deeper understanding of their specific needs and show them how LearningSource can meet their requirements.

We’d like to take the opportunity to welcome Ruth to LearningSource, she can be contact directly here.