LearningSource Reports, Even More Visibility

July 12, 2010 7:55 am, Published by

Before we started developing our reporting engine, we had a key goal in mind and that was to make reporting simple and easy to use.  We wanted to make it easy to run the sort of reports customers need on a regular basis at the click of a button, but to also provide the flexibility to customise certain reports to access specific information.


During the past month we have focused a significant part of our development on building a fully featured reporting engine.  Now we have engine in place we can deliver new reports rapidly.

One of our goals was that we wanted to make the layout and the presentation of information on reports clean and easy to read.  A report heading, a simple description of what the report is presenting, a clear list of any filters applied, the date the report was run etc…. The idea is that you should be able to pick up any printed report and know exactly what is been presented.

We are now offering our reports in a number of formats – Onscreen, Printable, PDF, Excel, and CSV, to provide for all of these various use cases. The best way to see what we have done is just check it out for yourself on our demo site but to give you a taste, below are the reports we are currently supporting:

  • Registrations List: List of all registrations received within a given period.
  • Orders Paid: List of all orders and credit notes marked as paid
  • Course Calendar: List of each individual course sessions scheduled to be delivered within a period.
  • Course List: List of courses starting within a period.
  • Course Registrants: List of individuals enrolled on a course.
  • Attendance Register: A form to record attendance for each session of a course.

This is just the start – watch this space!

Every Permutation Under the Sun

July 11, 2010 9:31 pm, Published by

We spend a lot of time thinking about the various permutations and combinations involved in managing a training business – sometime people say to us “but what can be so complicated about training organisations?.” It’s not a surprising comment, unless you live and breath this every day you are unlikely to see the complexity.

We thought we would give one example of just how complex this can be. For the purposes of this example we’ll be running a training course for The Three Musketeers, in this example we’ve got Huey, Duey and Louey all signed up. The registrations are all included on a single order, the tax invoice has been sent, order paid, and course instructions delivered. Read on and see what happened.

Scenario one – Huey can’t make the course but wants to transfer to another date.

LearningSource resolution :

  1. Order change email sent to assigned contact on the order (the order contact) confirming the transfer of Huey
  2. Transfer email sent to Huey (see in the example below how the old date is crossed out and the new date is clearly showing in red.”

Scenario two – Huey can’t make the course but wants to send Fouey in his place

LearningSource resolution:

  1. Order change email sent to order contact confirming registrant change
  2. Registration cancellation email sent to Huey
  3. Course instructions email sent to Fouey

Scenario three – Huey cancels his registration altogether

LearningSource resolution:

  1. Order change email sent to order contact confirming cancellation of one of the registrations.
  2. Registration cancellation email sent to the registrant who can no longer attend.

Bonus resolution if a refund is required:

  1. Press the “Mark a Refund” button
  2. The refund transaction is processed automatically
  3. A credit note is created and sent

As you’ll see there’s much more to training than meets the eye. Luckily it’s something we obsess about and every permutation under the sun is catered for in LearningSource!


Notes – Simple, Yet Powerful

July 6, 2010 10:23 pm, Published by

We often talk about the power of online software – the fact that we can make small changes and roll them out to customers is a wondrous thing.

Here’s another example of that in action. Talking to customers, it became apparent that people wanted a really simple notation function on orders within LearningSource – the sort of thing that would cut down the number of Post-It notes people had stuck to their monitors.

The use for this is pretty obvious, here’s an example:

  • Sally wants to note that she will confirm the final list of attendees from her company by 23 June.
  • John wants everyone to see that he followed up with Jessie regarding an overdue payment.  Jessie undertook to pay this by bank transfer next Wed (25 June)

We have designed it so that it’s easy to see when an order has a note against it (see below). Order notes are a simple feature but one that is already making life easy for a number of current users – the feedback on this has been great.