New features!

May 9, 2011 8:49 am, Published by

We have been flat tack over recent months focusing our efforts and resources on developing some major new features along with pushing out our regular enhancements.  We are excited to finally get a chance to document these.  Here is a list of the big items;

  • Private course feature.  Ability to create and manage a private (in-company) course.   Read online helpView screenshotKey new feature
  • Registration importer.  Ability to import registrations for a course from a spreadsheet, including the ability to update existing registration details (e.g. course attendance and grades after a course has run) and import historical registrations. Read online help, View screenshots
  • Organisation importer 1.  Ability to import organisations from a spreadsheet, including the ability to update existing organisation details, and to link an organisation with a Key Contact, a Parent Organisation, and an Account Manager. Read online help, View screenshots
  • Faster platform and no page refresh required for new releases.  We have implemented some new changes to the underlining platform that offer both performance improvements and also remove the need for you to refresh your browser each time we upgrade your platform to clear old content.
  • Company network integration (IP Based Security) 1.  Ability to secure your course portal (website) for internal staff so they do not require a username/password.  Read online help.
  • Registration section.  Ability to view list of registrations, search registrations, and mark attendance for multiple registrations at once.  View screenshots.
  • New venue interface.  New venue home tab design (cleaner layout, toolbar, and notes list) and edit form.  View screenshots.
  • Course website display settings.  Ability to hide a course from website lists (upcoming courses, catalogue, homepage lists), but still make it available to people who know the private URL.  Read online help.
  • Tools for managing venues and rooms. Read online help.
  • Course completion report.  Allows you to view the course completion status and attendance record of a group of individuals for a specific course. Read online help.

View a full list of new features within our online help.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the current users who continually provide feedback and recommendations which ultimately lead to these new features and enhancements.  If you haven’t already, feel free to add suggestions or vote on other existing suggestions on our user voice site or just drop us an email with your ideas.