Custom Reports

June 2, 2011 8:31 am, Published by

We are aware that different types of training providers have different requirements when it comes to the reports they generate for their organisation – while our standard reports cover the majority of areas, there are always specific reports that people have a need for. For this reason, LearningSource allows training providers to create and save reports according to their needs – there are two specific ways we do this, firstly through the creation of custom reports, and secondly by editing default settings for an existing report.

Creating a new report takes only a few steps – users select a report they want to create a favourite from and then, using our report options, customise the report and save it as a “Favourite”, in the same way an existing favourite report can be deleted when it is no longer required.


Changing default settings is a little different in that, rather than creating a new report within the report menu, it simply changes the default way in which a report is displayed. To change the default options, click “More options” within the report window and when you’ve finished customising simply click “Save as default” – Voila the default display settings for the report have been amended.


We have more detailed steps about how to perform these tasks over on our online help page, click here for instructions on creating a new favourite and click here for changing the default settings for a report.