Our New Calendar Feature

November 7, 2011 2:13 pm, Published by

We recently launched the new calendar feature within LearningSource. Calendars are a critical tool within all organisations. We have created a calendar tab within the main navigation of LearningSource to ensure that users have rapid access to their schedule.

In creating our calendar functionality, we have looked specifically at the features users need thinking about ways to offer deep functionality and ease of use.


LearningSource Calendars allow the user to select between day, week and month view, all on the fly. We have also integrated a great search function to avoid the long process of skipping through time periods in order to find a particular event.


With LearningSource we are continually striving to bring <or offer> the functionality that training organisations most need, but at the same time avoid cluttering their desktop with unnecessary complexity – our approach towards calendaring shows our focus on simplicity and depth – we hope you enjoy using it!

Coming up we are looking to introduce functionality that will enable organisations to filter calendars by venue, room, presenter and course – watch this space!