New Arrivals

February 13, 2015 1:49 pm, Published by

So there’s been a number of changes around the office, including quite a few new staff members.

In December we had two new arrivals.   The first to arrive was Adam, “I’m Adam, from Hungary, which is far-far away. Not as far as Mars, so I’m not an alien. Here in Arlo I’m the one who creates beautiful UI things for our customers, so if you see something odd or weird in your browser at Arlo, it was me  🙂  And I’m also part of the development team, adding new and astonishing features (not bugs) to the system.”

Also, just in case you haven’t emailed or called us since then, we also gained a new Support staff member…me.  My core function at Arlo is assisting clients to resolve issues, but I’m also dabbling in Tech Support, looking after our Social Media, and working with new clients to get their Arlo Platform live (I like to keep busy 😉 )  When not at work, I’m being constantly astonished (/terrified) at how quickly my little man is growing up (1st birthday next month)

In January, our Sales Team expanded to include Cathey & Josh

Cathey is Arlo’s BDM, a former teacher, and an intrepid traveler, backpacking around the world with her first child. Cathey’s goal is to make training and events easy for businesses to manage, and to show it can be done from down under.  And when she’s not leading the sales at Arlo she’s raising her kids, Paige, Luca and Nico.

And Josh gives a fantastic personal introduction, “Well I’m Josh. Not a whole lot to me really – couple arms, couple legs, a nose and a lovely phone voice. At Arlo I’ll be at the desk firing through emails, or on the phone to potential customers communicating the exciting software that we have here, helping to make people’s lives easier.”

And finally, our Development Team gained Johannes.  Taking on the role of resident code monkey, he’s here to implement awesome new features for Arlo’s amazing customers. In his spare time he transforms into a travelling circus/adventure playground for his 6 month old daughter, cultivates his backyard jungle by day and rescues kittens by night.

So a lot of new additions in the last couple of months

But it’s not only the company having new additions.  One of our amazing staff members, Natalia is has a new addition on the way in just a couple months.  It was our pleasure to transform our boardroom this afternoon for a special surprise baby shower



We’d considered calling Alex to say he had to come in, but to not spoil the surprise, we’d be left with excuses like ‘Code you wrote while working here seems to have gained a mind of it’s own’, or ‘Your wife may have gone into labor’…neither of which sounded like the best idea

But jokes aside, we are so happy for both Natalia and Alex.  The office hasn’t been the same without Alex performing his code magic dances, and not looking forward to not seeing Natalia’s cheerful smile in the office, but they’re on a great adventure and we wish them the best.  Thankfully we still have Natalia for a few weeks yet


That’s all for this week, but we’re looking at releasing some amazingly good news for you next week.  Until then, Happy Friday the 13th everyone 😀