Arlo administrators frequently asked questions – February

February 17, 2016 11:51 am, Published by

Below are some of Arlo administrators most frequently asked questions for February! To view the full list please visit our Community Questions and Answers section.






Can I customize the email templates that Arlo sends?

Arlo allows you to customise your email template layout and design on the Arlo Enterprise Plan.  You can change the email header and footer, fonts, colours, and images. Creating the template involves a one-off charge. Contact Arlo Support for a quote for this service.

How do I change my website registration forms?

Arlo includes a default set of fields for each registration method (order process and quick registration) that will be used when creating a new event. You can edit these default settings.

What’s the difference between Events and Event Templates?

Arlo is set up to efficiently manage events which are repeated. For example, an event may be run multiple times a year. Rather than having to copy all the same information (e.g. name, description, prerequisites) each time it is scheduled, common information about the event is stored within an Event template. Information stored on the Event template includes the name, website content, and default event settings. An Event represents a scheduled instance of a template and includes the start date, end date, presenter, venue, and other logistical information (e.g. catering, room setup).

How can I track my Arlo webpage activity?

Check out our instructions on how to add Google Analytics to your website so you can track website activity.

How can I set up an Early-Bird discount on my Event?

Arlo has a powerful discounts feature that allows you to add multiple price points to your event(s). You can set up Early-Bird discounts, as well as a number of other discount types.