Arlo administrators frequently asked questions – April

April 17, 2016 10:57 am, Published by

Below are some of Arlo administrators most frequently asked questions for April! To view the full list please visit our Community Questions and Answers section.






How do I change communication details for a specific event?

Arlo stores default communication settings for you, but you can also set communication settings at a template and event level. To do this, when editing or setting up an event select ‘Edit’ next to Sender details on the ‘Communication’ tab. This allows you to set the from, reply to, and support contact details for that event. You can also change your platform support email default. 

Can I send additional course instructions and content to my registrants?

You can add special instructions to a single event or to an event template which will then apply the same instructions to all current and future events associated with the template. You can also add an attachment to event instructions which are emailed to registrants from the program, e.g. presentation slides, pre-reading material, presentation handouts.

What is the difference between the Order Process and Quick Registration methods?

The Order Process is designed to be used for paid events, and it generates a new order for registrations submitted through Arlo. Event Instructions are only sent once an order has been approved. The Quick Registration Process is designed to be used for free events. It offers a simple, single page registration form. No order/invoice is created and event instructions are automatically sent when a person registers for the event. You can find out more about these and additional registration methods here.

What are event presets?

Arlo’s presets feature allows you to set up and apply favourite settings to your events to save time and reduce inconsistency within your events. The main use of presets is for storing default settings across multiple event templates, instead of having different defaults for each template. This is useful where you have a number of administrators creating events and using different settings. Find out more about presets here.

How can I easily get rid of duplicate contacts?

Arlo’s merge feature not only merges the information from each record, such as the contact phone numbers and address details, it also merges all associated notes, event registrations, orders, user login details, user roles, and presenter details (if applicable). Click here to find out more about merging contacts and organisations in your platform.