Arlo administrators frequently asked questions – July

July 16, 2016 7:13 pm, Published by

 Below are some of Arlo administrators most frequently asked questions for July! To view the full list please visit our Community Questions and Answers section.






Where can I find more information about the ‘New event’ wizard?

You can watch our ‘New event’ wizard overview video and we have also embedded help tips into the ‘New event’ wizard to ensure that administrators have all the information they need when setting up and creating an event.

Where can I add room setup and catering information for each session during my conference?

When you are creating a multi-session event, you can add catering information as well as room setup details specific to a particular session. Just add the ‘room setup instructions‘ to the ‘Logistics’ section of the sessions you are adding.

Why do I have a number of events in my checkout when I only wanted to register for one? 

When you are browsing events, and you select ‘register,’ the event will be added to your checkout. If you back out of that particular registration process, or just forget to complete it, the event will still remain in your checkout. If you go to register on a different event, you may find that you will now have more than one event in your cart. To avoid this from happening, select ‘cancel’ when you decide not to go through with a registration, or you can simply ‘remove’ the items that you don’t want from the checkout.

Can I set the order for how optional extras appear on a registration form?

You can arrange the order of the options available on your registration form by price, or have them in alphabetical order (both either ascending or descending). To request changes to the way your options are displayed on your events contact Arlo Support.

How do I change a registrant sessions multi-session event?

You can change a registrants’ sessions on a multi-session event as long as the session is free. To learn how to do this follow these instructions. This workflow will only work for free sessions, as changing these sessions will not have any affect on orders generated.