Arlo administrators frequently asked questions – August

August 16, 2016 11:49 am, Published by

Below are some of Arlo administrators most frequently asked questions for August! To view the full list please visit our Community Questions and Answers section.






Why is the user interface changing?

We constantly strive to enhance your user experience with Arlo, and this means that we need to be steadily improving and enhancing our product. We are undergoing a platform wide, user interface revamp, that involves the phasing out of our old user interface. This ensures all our new features and enhancements are readily available throughout the Arlo Management Platform, as well as ensuring our product reflects a modern design.

How can I set up an alert to admin when a new website order comes in? 

If you have additional staff or administrators that need to be notified when new website orders come through, you can add them to the recipient list of new website order notifications so that they are automatically notified when you receive a new order from your website.

What happens if I ‘edit shared settings’ on an event?

The template structure of events in Arlo, saves you time and effort especially if you hold a particular event on a regular basis. Because events created off the same template share certain settings, if you need to make changes to the description or course details, you only have to do this in the one place. When you ‘edit shared settings’ you are changing a setting that is shared with all other events created off of that same template (so do take care and make sure you understand fully what ‘editing shared settings’ does).

Can I display a message on my event instead of taking registrations online?

To display a message instead of taking registrations, simply use ‘Custom Instructions’as the registration process for your event. The custom instructions will replace the ‘Register’ button on the website page of the event.

Why does nothing happen when I try to use the ‘Email’ function?

When using the ‘Email’ function on Arlo, the system uses your default email client to send this email. If your default email client has not been configured on your browser or computer correctly, the email functionality may not work as expected. If you encounter this issue, be sure to check your default email client settings are correctly set up or contact Arlo support for assistance.