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Agile Testing

April 10, 2015 7:45 pm, Published by

One of the ‘down sides’ to working in a company dealing in Training & Event management is you get to see an incredible number of courses that you want to attend.  The up side is we do get to ‘test out’ our clients from time to time.

Rebecca, one of our Testers, got such an opportunity when she attended a course on Agile Testing run by Assurity.  In her words:

It was great – incredibly informative and Katrina kept what could have been a very long course engaging and interesting. There was a lot of excellent information and I’m looking forward to applying it to how our teams at Arlo work.

One of the key areas of the course focused on Performance Testing, which is not just testing the functionality of what we’re developing, but essentially how it runs.  Does it run fast when it needs to?  Can it handle as many active users as we expect?  What about spikes? And so on.  It was great to hear how we are incorporating this as well as other aspects of the training in our own development.

Having one of our own have such a great experience with one of our clients, I couldn’t help but wonder how they felt about us

We chose Arlo as our Training and Event Management SAAS when we launched Assurity’s Education Unit in 2013. It’s been rock solid and has enterprise quality to it. Our web team have had no major issues integrating it into our web properties. We’ve been able to create a seamless look and feel , it easily handles any tactical promotions we want to run and, from an operational perspective, Arlo gives us confidence to deliver to our customers.

So, if you’re interested in improving software delivery in your business, Assurity have a range of courses that embed new skills and confidence in your team. Find out more here