Arlo administrators frequently asked questions – April

April 17, 2016 10:57 am, Published by

Below are some of Arlo administrators most frequently asked questions for April! To view the full list please visit our Community Questions and Answers section.






How do I change communication details for a specific event?

Arlo stores default communication settings for you, but you can also set communication settings at a template and event level. To do this, when editing or setting up an event select ‘Edit’ next to Sender details on the ‘Communication’ tab. This allows you to set the from, reply to, and support contact details for that event. You can also change your platform support email default. 

Can I send additional course instructions and content to my registrants?

You can add special instructions to a single event or to an event template which will then apply the same instructions to all current and future events associated with the template. You can also add an attachment to event instructions which are emailed to registrants from the program, e.g. presentation slides, pre-reading material, presentation handouts.

What is the difference between the Order Process and Quick Registration methods?

The Order Process is designed to be used for paid events, and it generates a new order for registrations submitted through Arlo. Event Instructions are only sent once an order has been approved. The Quick Registration Process is designed to be used for free events. It offers a simple, single page registration form. No order/invoice is created and event instructions are automatically sent when a person registers for the event. You can find out more about these and additional registration methods here.

What are event presets?

Arlo’s presets feature allows you to set up and apply favourite settings to your events to save time and reduce inconsistency within your events. The main use of presets is for storing default settings across multiple event templates, instead of having different defaults for each template. This is useful where you have a number of administrators creating events and using different settings. Find out more about presets here.

How can I easily get rid of duplicate contacts?

Arlo’s merge feature not only merges the information from each record, such as the contact phone numbers and address details, it also merges all associated notes, event registrations, orders, user login details, user roles, and presenter details (if applicable). Click here to find out more about merging contacts and organisations in your platform.

Arlo administrators frequently asked questions – March

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Below are some of Arlo administrators most frequently asked questions for March! To view the full list please visit our Community Questions and Answers section. support





How can I open additional items within Arlo without losing my place?

If you find you often lose your place in a list within Arlo, we recommend opening items in a new tab in your browser so that you can close them as you have finished with them and you can go back to your list page in the same place.

To open an item from a list in a new browser window or tab, hold the Ctrl key when clicking an icon, or Right click on the item and select ‘Open in a new tab’.

How can I choose to display the number of places available on an event on my website?

Arlo supports the ability to display the number of places left on an event. We have full instructions on how to display places left on an event for you to check out!

Can I store my documents in Arlo?

Arlo allows you to store documents against events, contacts, orders, venues, leads, and certifications. Where you can add a note, you can also attach a document to the note.

Note: This feature is available on the Arlo Professional and Enterprise service plans. All common file types are supported e.g doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, zip, txt, jpg, gif, png, msg, pdf.

How can I remind my registrants about their event?

Arlo can send out up to three email reminders for an event and you can specify when these are sent. For full details you can read up about email reminders here.

Is there a way I can stop accepting registrations on an event before it begins?

You can stop registrations before an event is due to begin if you want to avoid last minute registrations. To do this, simply edit the event you would like to stop registrations on and select the ‘Registrations’ tab. Then change the ‘Registration method’ to ‘Custom message’ – this will allow you to specify a message that your registrants will see in place of the register button. E.g. “Registrations are no longer open for this event.”

Arlo administrators frequently asked questions – February

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Below are some of Arlo administrators most frequently asked questions for February! To view the full list please visit our Community Questions and Answers section.






Can I customize the email templates that Arlo sends?

Arlo allows you to customise your email template layout and design on the Arlo Enterprise Plan.  You can change the email header and footer, fonts, colours, and images. Creating the template involves a one-off charge. Contact Arlo Support for a quote for this service.

How do I change my website registration forms?

Arlo includes a default set of fields for each registration method (order process and quick registration) that will be used when creating a new event. You can edit these default settings.

What’s the difference between Events and Event Templates?

Arlo is set up to efficiently manage events which are repeated. For example, an event may be run multiple times a year. Rather than having to copy all the same information (e.g. name, description, prerequisites) each time it is scheduled, common information about the event is stored within an Event template. Information stored on the Event template includes the name, website content, and default event settings. An Event represents a scheduled instance of a template and includes the start date, end date, presenter, venue, and other logistical information (e.g. catering, room setup).

How can I track my Arlo webpage activity?

Check out our instructions on how to add Google Analytics to your website so you can track website activity.

How can I set up an Early-Bird discount on my Event?

Arlo has a powerful discounts feature that allows you to add multiple price points to your event(s). You can set up Early-Bird discounts, as well as a number of other discount types.

Māori language week at Arlo

July 30, 2015 1:16 pm, Published by



As it is Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, Māori language week, we wanted to  support the use of Māori Language on your Arlo platform by the use of macrons. A macron is a line above a vowel to indicate that it should be spoken as a long vowel.

Once the text has been pasted, the macrons will remain showing until the event is saved.  Follow the steps below to allow continued use.

1. Select the ‘HTML’ button above description (indicated below)

HTML Pointer

2. Within the description, change the macron letters to their corresponding HTML (here’s a handy link to find the codes you need.  In this example, all ā’s are replaced with ‘ā’)


3. Select ‘Update’ in HTML window and then ‘Save’ on the Event page.

And that’s it!  The Māori language is alive in Arlo!

Feature highlight – certifications

July 7, 2015 10:38 am, Published by

As some of you are already aware, Certifications is a fantastic feature for trade licencing due to it’s auditable approval process.  However, it’s functionality for managing training programmes that involve more than courses is often underutilised.

There are a number of useful aspects to this feature, such as:

  • Design your workflow – create a set of requirements that can be tracked (eg one or more courses complete, payment received, identification supplied etc);
  • Automated communication for the certification – not only will they receive the event communication, you can also set up certification confirmation, approval and expiry reminders;
  • If renewal is required, this process can also be managed through Certifications including renewal specific requirements;
  • Version control – if requirements change, you can choose to create a new version and decide whether those in progress follow the original version or update them to the latest version;
  • Store a full auditable trail, including when and who approved each Certification.

This means you could just as easily create a Certification for a licence (where person is required to attend and pass a course, and potentially sit a retest annually) as you could create a diploma programme where there a number of courses and assessments that need to be completed before the diploma is achieved.  Not only that, but reporting to a governing body is a breeze.

So whether it’s for licencing, training programmes, or just to acknowledge that your students have been wanting to be pirates for years and give them informal recognition for it like MIT did, Certifications may be the way to go.


Certification is only available on our Arlo Enterprise plan.  If you’d like to discuss adding it to your platform, you can contact our Sales Team on or phone 0800 890 888 (NZ) or 1800 633 697 (AU).

Fun times at Arlo, including being locked in a vault

July 7, 2015 10:35 am, Published by

At Arlo we know how creating a closely-knit, happy and productive A-team fosters a great work environment that people enjoy and want to succeed.

Our team building on Friday night not only gave us a great laugh, it helped to increase communication amongst our team and also formed some great memories we can share.

Being locked in the Escape Mate vault in the basement of an old building in the CBD in Wellington trying to stop a band of organised criminals from committing their next crime, led us to some adrenaline pumped action whilst we raced against the clock to stop theses criminals for good.

Solving the many clues to work out the final combination for the lock to our freedom and nailing the bad guys proved a seriously complex but fun activity.

Given roles as police, we ended up acting more like combination of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes.  Every clue solved was a team victory and while we were stoked to have figured it out (with a couple of extra clues from our hosts), it ended all too quickly!!!

Escape Mate

And what sort of team activities does your workplace do?  Are there any you’d recommend for others to give a go?

Motorcycle madness

June 12, 2015 3:10 pm, Published by

When you’re looking for a training management system, you want to know that it will work for the training you provide.  When it comes to motorcycle training, you may have a core features list something like:

  • Connects to your existing website or creates a simple website if you haven’t got one
  • Options of how attendees can pay, as well as financial integration
  • Ability to report to governing bodies
  • A great Client Relationship Management Tool

But is that enough?  What about

  • Being able to customise your registration form to include things important to your courses
    e.g. current motorcycle licence, what type of bike do they ride, do they need to hire a bike for the course
  • Be able to include multiple sessions and additional options to the course
  • Quick and easy way to schedule recurring courses
  • Automatic feedback surveys
  • The Ability to tailor your marketing campaigns based on your clients skill level and/or courses attended

If you think this is what you need, then Arlo is for you.  If you need just a little more convincing, let this video show you more of what we have to offer;


Online Activities

May 19, 2015 3:05 pm, Published by

If you’ve ever struggled with offering on-demand training, we’ve got good news for you.   Our next release has online activities, our new event type specifically for on-demand events!

The main components of the event are the same as our other event types, meaning you can create an online activity from another event type template (who knew having both live and on-demand versions of a course could be so easy?)

The two core differences are the content tab and communication tab.

OA Content


The content tab is where the URL to your on-demand content is entered.  This gives you complete freedom of how you want to store the content on your side, we just need to know where to point your registrants for them to access it.

There is a lot less in the communication tab since there’s no need for event confirmation or reminders.  The only two communications you have to complete for online activities are the instructions and cancellation emails.


OA Communication


Both instructions and cancellation emails are customisable with a range of replacers to have a custom email that you don’t have to type out for every event.
OA Registrant Instructions

Online Activities will be available on Simple, Professional and Enterprise plans.  More details on the feature will be available in our newsletter coming soon.  If you’re currently on our Starter plan and would like to discuss adding this feature to your platform, you can contact our Sales Team on or phoning +64 4 586 9460.



May 14, 2015 2:58 pm, Published by

A presenter or event organiser’s job doesn’t finish once the training or event does.  There is still the task of getting feedback from participants to find out what worked and what needs improving. This can be a painful process of paper forms that have to be entered in, or emails that need to be sent out.  Then there’s collating all the responses and trying to present it in a meaningful way so the information that’s most useful to you is at your fingertips.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way?

Well now there is.  As part of our latest update, we will be releasing SurveyMonkey integration, a way for you to have your tailored survey sent out automatically.  You can even choose when they are sent, whether that be when the course starts, when the course ends, or when attendance is recorded.

Survey Monkey

Surveys can also be sent manually by selecting a registrant and choosing ‘send survey’ in the menu.  Once the responses have been returned, they will be collated and the results reported back to you through SurveyMonkey.

This feature will be available on our Professional and Enterprise plans.  More details on the feature will be available in our newsletter which you’ll receive once your platform has been upgraded.  If you’re currently not on our Professional or Enterprise plans and would like to discuss adding this feature to your platform, you can contact our Sales Team on or phoning +64 4 586 9460.


A SurveyMonkey account is also required.  You can find out about SurveyMonkey pricing plans here.  You can also look at the range of Survey Templates they offer to see what would be suitable for your needs.

Throwback Thursday – custom fields

May 7, 2015 12:18 pm, Published by

While we’ve done our best to incorporate a fantastic set of fields* for you to include in your registration form by default, custom fields are one of our core features for tailoring your registration form to your specific needs so that you can get all the information you need from your registrants.

For instance, if you were running courses that had different education level prerequisites, you could have a dropdown custom field created with the different levels you were interested in.


Alternatively, if you were holding the next Horse & Hound event in Nottinghill, you might like to create a couple of checkbox lists so that attendees could advise the breed (including cross-breeds) of their animals.


No matter what type of training or event you’re running, we have a number of different types of custom fields that we can create for you.  Once created, the information is then stored either on the contact or the organisation, and can be included in your reporting, as well as imported when creating (or updating) contacts/organisations through their respective importers.

If you’d like more information on custom fields, we recommend having a look at the help articles linked through this post.  You can also contact our Support Team at with further questions or to arrange having custom fields created for your platform.


*We also know less is more – the most frequently used are already available to use on your platform, but we also have a range of preconfigured fields that are ready to be activated, should you need them.